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  • Sku: STA-FKA-1SR-L-F
  • Vendor: PILOT

PILOT KAKUNO Smile Pen Black Rod Pastel Series FKA-1SR

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Product description

product features:
● The shape of the hexagonal pen holder can be placed on the desktop at will without rolling.
● Triangular design pen body, easy to hold and write.
●The overall body of the pen is light and easy to control, especially suitable for students or copywriting.
● The nib of the Japanese fountain pen is flexible and smooth, and the nib is thinner than that of the European and American fountain pens of the same specification.
●Suitable for hard pen calligraphy, hand-painted writing, smooth ink flow, and it is not easy to break the ink when pulled quickly.
● The cute nib makes the user happy.
● Exquisite gift box packaging, suitable for gifts and personal use, with a pen and a black card water.

■ Style: black body with black cover, black body with blue cover, black body with green cover, black body with orange cover, black body with pink cover, black body with red cover
■ Pen tip: M tip 0.6mm / F tip 0.4mm
■Size Pen diameter: φ16.0mm / total length 131mm
■Dedicated ink: IRF-5S
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PILOT KAKUNO Smile Pen Black Rod Pastel Series FKA-1SR

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