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  • Sku: STA-CA200-5VB
  • Vendor: AKASHIYA

Akashiya Painting Tool Seasonal series 5 colors Spring Summer Autumn Winter Brush

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product features:
AKASHIYA brand handmade from Nara, Japan
SAI Aya, which is highly rated in Japan, is different from ordinary brushes and watercolors. It is a product of AKASHIYA, a Nara company specializing in artificial brushes.
The colored brushes are carefully handcrafted one by one by craftsmen, and the water-based paints reproduce the beautiful traditional colors of Japan.
The color insists on the charm of the painting, and the high-quality nib presents delicate brushstrokes, making the painting more lifelike.
The nib of the pen is full of moisture, and by wetting the paper, it can freely express soft shades of color.
At the same time, it cooperates well with other painting materials and can present a variety of painting styles.
Such as: watercolor painting, illustration, hand-painted letter, comic creation, it is also OK to use it to practice brush writing!

Use little tricks
1. Apply directly to color
2. Dip the pen tip with water to change the color shade
3. After coloring, use a water-soaked watercolor pen to blur it out
4. Wet the paper and color it to create a rendering effect
5. Paint two colors, use a wet watercolor pen to connect the two colors to create a gradient effect
6. After using SAI color with water, the color is lighter, please use toilet paper to absorb the water, and then put the pen tip down for 2 to 3 minutes, the ink can be used normally
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Akashiya Painting Tool Seasonal series 5 colors Spring Summer Autumn Winter Brush

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