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(Pre-Order) Plus Stapler handy type ST-010R

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1.Dimples that apply force to the push blade from the optimum position. The power of the thumb is transmitted to the needle without waste.

2.Wide tip base that firmly receives the force from below.

3.The metal cover inside the handle increases rigidity and prevents the force from being dispersed due to twisting.

4.With a remover that allows you to easily remove the needle.

5.When it is discarded, it can be easily sorted by material (metal, resin).

6.Tacking is possible. (Open the main body and drive the needle)

Color: Blue, red, white

78G Size:W24D97H43mm

MOQ:5pcs/each SKU

Needle used: No.10 (SS-010, SS-010BB)

Needle loading: 50 / time

Number of binding sheets: PPC paper 64 g / , approx. 2 to 20 sheets

Binding depth (maximum): 50 mm

Mechanism: With remover, tackable

Material: Steel plate, 100% recycled resin (handle = 100% recycled ABS)

* Because it is a recycled resin, there may be slight color variations. It was

* Needle is not included.

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(Pre-Order) Plus Stapler handy type ST-010R

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