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  • Sku: STA-S4765087
  • Vendor: SUN-STAR

(Pre-Order) Sun-Star Round Corner Clipper Fit S4765087

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Pre-Order item
Introducing a handy type that is "easy to grip and easy to cut with one hand" in the Kadomaru series.
The shape fits the hand, and even if it is used for a long time, the hand does not hurt easily and it is light and comfortable to cut.
The thickness that can be cut when cutting is doubled, and thick laminates that cannot be cut with ordinary craft punches can also be cut.

Colors: 1colors

MOQ: 3pcs/each SKU
Body size / W36 x H63 x D98mm
Body weight / 56g
Material / ABS / Steel / Stainless Steel / TPE
Blister with package / header
Packaged size / W123 H150 D40mm
Packaged weight / 73g
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(Pre-Order) Sun-Star Round Corner Clipper Fit S4765087

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