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  • Sku: STA-PU-030S
  • Vendor: PLUS

(Pre-Order) Plus Powerful multi-hole punch PU-030S

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Product description

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Powerful multi-hole punch

7.8KG size: W362D315H398mm

MOQ:1pcs/each SKU

Punching capacity: PPC paper 64 g / , about 30 sheets

Hole spacing: 9.5 mm

Hole diameter: 5.5 mm

Number of holes: 26 holes (for B5 binder), 30 holes (for A4 binder)

Hole depth: 6.25 mm

Guide size: A4 / B5

Material: Steel plate, 100% recycled resin (side case = 100% recycled ABS)

* Caution: Do not use on anything other than paper (plastic plates, films, etc.), resin-coated paper, and special paper.

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(Pre-Order) Plus Powerful multi-hole punch PU-030S

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