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  • Sku: STA-JJ15-MKBL
  • Vendor: ZEBRA

(Pre-Order) ZEBRA SARASA CLIP 0.5mm Gel ballpoint pen JJ15-MK

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Rich in colors and smooth writing, with knock-type and milk color that feels fluffy!
Because it is a pigment ink, it has excellent water resistance and light resistance.
You can write on photos and dark paper.
(It may not be possible to write on some photos and paper.)

The shaft has a resin and rubber grip.
The airtight system makes it difficult for the pen tip to dry even without a cap.
Uses a hard-to-break binder clip.
MOQ: 10 pcs/ each SKU
Total length:141.0 mm
Maximum shaft diameter: 11.0 mm
Weight: 10.9g
Pen body: 8 colors
Ink color: Same as pen body

Eco Mark certified products.
Products conforming to the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing.
GPN eco-product net posted.
Recycled material.

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(Pre-Order) ZEBRA SARASA CLIP 0.5mm Gel ballpoint pen JJ15-MK

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