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Japan Doctor Betta nursing bottle BLAIN wide mouth WS4-240ml shape nursing bottle pattern powder blue

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"Achieving the ideal breastfeeding position" This is the reason for the Dr. Bedard bottle curve. The Dr. Betta baby bottle, designed by American pediatricians, has grown into a better product through repeated improvements to materials and nipples while sticking to Japanese products. The winning history of the Kids Design Award and the Good Design Award is also a testament to the quality.

BPA free. PPSU is the highest heat and impact resistance grade for transparent plastics. The heat resistance temperature of the bottle body is 180 . Due to its strength, it is a very popular material and is often used in medical devices. We want to give you more peace of mind by using proven materials. I entrusted such a wish of Douyu to this material.

240ml, from newborn snuggle to weaning. Even if you drink more, it is safe to have a 240ml size.

The Dr. Douyu wide mouth type has the advantages of the Dr. Douyu bottle, "safe to ears + prevent aspiration + reduce gep", and it is easy to wash, easy to prepare milk, and tastes like mother's breast when you hold it. It's closer to a baby bottle. In addition, the chubby shape has a sense of stability and is not easy to overturn, so it is very comfortable to use when preparing milk.

The "brain papilla" born from the experience of a midwife. I did it with the hope of healthy baby growth and the importance of soaking. Open your mouth wide and when your baby sucks, the secret part will stretch out to fit your baby's mouth and tongue! Just like mom's nipples, drink-ready nipples that move firmly up and down the jaws. ... wide mouth nipple (cross cut) is easy to hold and clean. The shape of the suction holes is cut into a cross, which encourages you to move your mouth and drink.

Bottle: PPSU
Hood: Polypropylene
Pacifier: Silicone
heat-resistant temperature
Bottle: 180з°ћC
Hood: 120з°ћC
Pacifier: 120з°ћC

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Japan Doctor Betta nursing bottle BLAIN wide mouth WS4-240ml shape nursing bottle pattern powder blue

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