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  • Sku: BB-BPWS2-240ML-GREEN
  • Vendor: DR. BETTA

Japan Doctor Betta nursing bottle BLAIN wide mouth WS2 function wide mouth anti-flatulence bottle

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Product description

Product Feature:
1. The shape of the Betta baby bottle is curved to provide the same ideal angle as breastfeeding.
2. Designed by American pediatricians and made in Japan, Betta baby bottles are continually improved with premium materials and improved nipples.
3. It has won the Children's Design Award and the Good Design Award as proof of its quality. The attractive milk-coloured bottle gives a gentle impression. Not only is it light and easy to hold, but it doesn't easily collect visible scratches, which makes it handy when you're away from home.
4. Betta's wide-neck feeding bottle makes swallowing easier and reduces the chance of aspiration and otitis media.
5. The bottle is also easy to clean and refill. The texture mimics the mother's breasts.
6. Generous shape stability helps prevent spillage and makes feeding times easier.

Country of Origin: Japan
Capacity: 240 ml
Weight: 120 g (with packaging and accessories)
Nipple: Betta Brain Wide Mouth Cross Hole Nipple

Baby bottle: Polystyrene (PPSU)
Bottle ring, bottle cap: Polypropylene
Pacifier : Silicone

Heat resistant temperature:
Feeding bottle: 180з°ћC
Bottle ring, bottle cap : 120з°ћC
Pacifier: 120з°ћC

Disinfection method:
1. Sterilization with boiling water: Put the bottle body into a large pot filled with water (do not seal the bottle body), and boil the water. The sterilization method of the nipple, bottle ring and bottle cap is slightly different from that of the milk bottle. Put it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes and then take it out. After boiling for a long time, it is easy to deform and change color.
2. Ultraviolet disinfection: the whole bottle can be put in (except the pacifier, because the silicone is easily deformed by ultraviolet rays)
3. Disinfectant can be used (the pacifier will appear white mist due to inhalation of water, which is a normal phenomenon), or a bottle warmer can be used

- Please be sure to clean and then disinfect, breast milk and formula milk are prone to oil stains,
If it is not cleaned and disinfected, the oil stains are easy to get stuck on the surface and become foggy white
(Note: The milk bottle can still be used, and the material of the bottle body has not deteriorated)
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Japan Doctor Betta nursing bottle BLAIN wide mouth WS2 function wide mouth anti-flatulence bottle

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