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  • Sku: STA-HASA-280B
  • Vendor: KOKUYO

(Pre-Order) KOKUYO SAXA Scissors Sakusa standard blade HASA-280

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Equipped with the "Hybrid Arch Blade" developed by KOKUYO, the angle of the blade gradually widens toward the cutting edge, so even those that were difficult to cut can be cut with a light force from the root to the cutting edge.
The weight of the main body is lighter (* compared to the conventional product), and the burden when holding it is reduced.
The wider handle makes it easier to insert your fingers, and a wide-fit handle that reduces the burden on each finger is used. (* Compared to conventional products)
It is a symmetrical handle.

Plate thickness: 1.5
Blade length: 65
External dimensions: total length 174, width 75
Material / Blade: Stainless steel, Handle (outside): R-ABS, Handle (inside) Elastomer
Product colors: 5 colors
MOQ: 10
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(Pre-Order) KOKUYO SAXA Scissors Sakusa standard blade HASA-280

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