Let's wish Taiwan a happy birthday🎂10% OFF on any ten items - CHL-STORE / Japanese stationery

Let's wish Taiwan a happy birthday🎂10% OFF on any ten items

I specially organized an event to celebrate
🕐From now until 10/31
10% OFF for the whole order ✨
In addition, the birthday star in October only needs to send a private message to the editor 💬
You can get a small gift carefully prepared 🎁
Introduce this double ten zone to you
Carefully selected over 100 items ✅
Everything from household items to office stationery
Autumn is here, and the items around you also change seasons 😚
Let me share with you the products that have been added to the shopping cart of the character editor
Contestant 1️⃣ MAX The third animal-shaped stapler🐻‍
Such a cute shape is actually a stapler
Even the staples are colored too foul 😂
I can't buy it at the previous price.
But the price is much cuter after the discount 💛
Contestant 2️⃣ Tombow dragonfly #MONO graph 0.5MM soft color mechanical pencil
There are MONO products in this special area
Girls color matching with a super easy-to-use rotary eraser✨
Everyone should have one in their pencil case.
Contestant 3️⃣ Cute cat scratches 15cm
Looking at the shape, you know that it is a ruler for #cat slaves 🐱
Transparent material with cute webbed decoration on it
Just put it in the shopping cart 🛒🛍
Contestant 4️⃣ Kutsuwa Miffy 12 color pencils
Cute #米飞 rabbit everyone may think it is not unusual
But the cutest thing is that his price is 10% off
Small and easy to carry, very suitable for children to take out 💼
Because there are too many good products, I won't give any spoilers.
Many items are #limited and stock is tight 😱
Don't blame the editor for not reminding you, go shopping 🛒

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