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Black Friday ! 💡Everyday ways to save money!!

Various Black Friday discounts have been launched 🎁
There are so many things I want to buy
How to buy the product with the highest CP value
It is necessary to make a beautiful and detailed discount analysis record🤓
The double-ended pen shape design can change the thickness as you like
The degree of freedom is greatly improved when using it 🥰
One side is a flat brush with a harder and thicker tip
Stable hand feel and uniform lines when painting
Round tip on the other side
Can paint thin lines and write complex characters🤙
Moderate water output on both sides
Ink dries faster
The original text will not be blurred and the color performance is very soft
The cute pink color appearance keeps me happy when taking notes🌞
Reading materials can also maintain good memory
Use suitable stationery to write beautiful notes more perfectly
Reach the goal of saving money 👍🧑‍🏫

🔸Zebra MILDLINER Series Dim Sum Country Double-ended Highlighter

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