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Made in Japan, Pyrethrum, Golden Bird, Moth Repellent, Butterfly Connors Foam Spray, Drainage Bathroom 300ml

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In the bathroom, toilet or on the sink, there are small black flying insects. These small insects are called "moth gnats"

Adult moths mostly emerge from septic tanks, sewage tanks or drainage outlets. Since moth gnats breed in septic tanks and drainage ditches,

And the whole body is densely covered with fine hairs, which can easily carry germs, and moth gnats are particularly fond of soap scum, sebum and other oily dirt.

Use this product to get rid of flies completely and reduce the number of flies present in the water and on the ground!
Repel unwanted flies with foam spray!
Effective on both adults and larvae!
Spray directly on flying adults.
Spray around gutters to kill larvae hiding in the soil.

●Contains fragrance that repels butterflies and flies, keeping them away and preventing them from laying eggs. Mild soapy scent.
●Contains antibacterial agents. Eliminate odor-causing bacteria and prevent unpleasant odors from escaping.
●No insecticidal ingredients are used. The combination of antibacterial agents and surfactants has an insecticidal effect on butterfly flies.

Independent packaging size: 90X20X52mm
Independent packaging weight: about 360g
Inner volume: 300mL

[product name]

Caoba insect repellent


Surfactants, antibacterial agents, fragrances, water



>[How to use]Use]

- Completely eliminate unpleasant butterflies found in bathrooms and toilets.
・Please use it in places such as drains where dirt tends to accumulate (under the bathtub, around accessory storage areas, etc.).
Eliminate adult insects
・Spray directly on adult insects.
Prevent new flies
In areas where dirt tends to accumulate, spray 5 or 10 times per square meter
Leave it for more than 2 hours, then rinse with water.
*Items that cannot be used: logs, paulownia and other water-soakable items, furniture, wallpaper, marble and other stones, electrical products


・Please do not use it for any other purpose.
・Please ensure good ventilation when using.
・Do not use on humans or pets.
・If it accidentally enters your eyes or skin, please rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if there are any abnormalities.
・If you accidentally drink it, please give it water. If there are any abnormalities, please consult a doctor.
- Some plastic products (including artificial marble) and painted surfaces may stain, so please test in an inconspicuous place before use.
・Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures, and store out of the reach of children.
・After use, please dispose of according to the instructions of the local government.

Brand: Dainippon Pyrethrum (Golden Bird)
Place of production: Japan
Category: Flies/mosquitoes (spray type)
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Made in Japan, Pyrethrum, Golden Bird, Moth Repellent, Butterfly Connors Foam Spray, Drainage Bathroom 300ml

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