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Cojit Power Japan-made biological bathtub mold cleaner single-input biological deodorant anti-mildew deodorization easy to clean mold cleaner

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Introducing the Cojit Power Bio, the ultimate solution for tackling mold in your bathtub while also providing long-lasting deodorizing and cleaning benefits. This innovative product is designed to prevent mold growth, deodorize your bathroom, and make cleaning a breeze. Let's dive into the details:

Product Content:
• Body: Made with high-quality diatomaceous earth and microorganisms (Bacillus) to effectively combat mold growth.
• Replacement Guide Stickers: Included to help you keep track of when it's time to replace the Cojit Power Bio.
• Double-sided Stickers: Use the provided double-sided stickers to easily install the Cojit Power Bio on any smooth surface.

Product Size:
• Compact and convenient shell dimensions of 8.5cm x 8.5cm with a thickness of 0.9cm (excluding hooks) ensure easy placement in your bathroom.

Replacement Guide:
• The Cojit Power Bio provides approximately 6 months of continuous usage before needing replacement, ensuring long-lasting protection for your bathroom.

How to Use:
1. Prepare the area by removing any visible mold before installation.
2. Wipe the application area with a wrung-out cloth to eliminate any dust or moisture.
3. Open the package and write the installation date on the replacement guide sticker using a permanent marker. Attach it to the center of the main body surface.
4. Apply the double-sided sticker to the back of the Cojit Power Bio, ensuring it is centered. Peel off the release paper and firmly install the product.

Installation Location:
• Suitable for ceilings and high places, the Cojit Power Bio effectively covers a bathroom size of approximately 1 ping (3.3m?). For larger bathrooms, we recommend using two products to maximize the effect.

Cleaning During Use:
• You can clean your bathtub as usual with a mild detergent while maintaining the effectiveness of the Cojit Power Bio.

Producing Country:
• Made in Japan, known for its exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Precautions for Use:
• Keep the Cojit Power Bio out of reach of children.
• Upon opening or installation, you may notice a temporary product-specific odor, which will dissipate with use and does not affect the product's quality.
• The duration of the effect may vary slightly depending on the conditions of use.
• As the activity of microorganisms depends on the environment, the time it takes for the effects to appear may vary.
• Avoid installing the Cojit Power Bio in areas prone to direct water contact to ensure its optimal performance.

Upgrade your bathroom cleaning routine with the Cojit Power Bio and say goodbye to mold, odors, and tough cleaning challenges. Incorporate this eco-friendly solution into your daily routine for a fresh and inviting bathroom.  

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Cojit Power Japan-made biological bathtub mold cleaner single-input biological deodorant anti-mildew deodorization easy to clean mold cleaner

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