Workplace Power 🌷 New Products!!~

---------------🍨Restaurant waiting for meal🥗---------------

👩Sabina: How are you doing? I heard from you last time that you found a new job?


👩‍🦱Emily: Yes, I have been out of work for more than two months, and I have gained weight staying at home. I finally found a new job and I am now an employed person hahaha~

👩Sabina: Congratulations! This is for you, wear good clothes on important occasions, and write important documents with good pens, Pentel rose metal pen 👍, high-quality appearance design, rich ink, super fluent and easy to write, bless you The future work will be smooth, and the results will be the same as this pen, beautiful and eye-catching!

👩‍🦱Emily: It's so kind of you, thank you~ I wish you all the best!

🌹STA-A820P1T Pentel Sterling Rose Series Metal Pen-0.5mm Mechanical Pencil
🌷STA-B820P2-AT Pentel Sterling Rose Series Metal Pen-0.8mm Rotating Ballpoint Pen


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