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New Arrival!!~ILMILY Color two color!

Baile Chacha pen lovers must hand knife +1 series!
Newly launched "ILMILY Color two color" full of dreamy girl's heart
ILMILYイルミリー is inspired by the English I like me, I like you
Bringing a new series of products with elegant designs~


*Rich styles:
Available in a variety of colours, from dark to light, as well as limited edition colours.

*Soft pen body:
All are designed with white as the base tone, embellished with two changing ink colors, creating a soft atmosphere.

*Special ink:
It is the first time to use special research and development ink, which will change to another color after being wiped and heated!!

*Moderate pen diameter:
The color-changing pen has a diameter of 0.4mm, which can write delicate and smooth text.

*Special Eraser:
When rubbed with the matching special rubber, the color will change due to friction and heat.


*Limited set group:
A limited-edition two-tone series of notepad and writing instrument set, a stylish and practical gift idea!

You who like to change colors at will~ you can't miss the charm of temperature-sensitive color-changing ink!
Let ILMILY accompany you to enjoy more exciting, unique and interesting writing time!



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