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Japan Travel Notes 2022.11.29 🍂Stationery for traveling literary youth!


Today is the second day of traveling in Tokyo
It's super cold in the morning in Tokyo at the end of November
I bought rice balls at the supermarket early in the morning and went to the car
To Aoyama-itchome Station
Go to Meiji Shrine to see ginkgo
Dining in the car
The salty red bean rice is also full of special
A row of ginkgo trees line the aisles on both sides of Jingu Gaien
The golden leaves are so dreamy
Whole golden ginkgo carpet
How to take pictures with friends all the time
Golden yellow silver lettrrr......

❌(Hey! Wrong! 😭Fortunately, there is PLUS candy color correction tape
Compact and easy to carry
Fully conforms to hand ergonomics
Easily swipe to cover typos
The focus is on beautiful and intellectual design
Super suitable for me, a young literary and artistic youth 🥰who loves to travel)

Golden ginkgo shines super brightly in the sun
happiness is so simple.


🍂PLUS WH-1905 Whipper PL Candy Color Correction Tape 5mmX6m


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