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Art on a Roll: Japan's Top 10 Paper Tape Brands for 2023

In the delicate dance between art and functionality, Japanese paper tapes emerge as a confluence of both. Revered for their gentle adhesion, intricate designs, and diverse applications, these rolls are essentials in the toolkit of many educators and craft enthusiasts. Here are the brands leading the washi world:

1. MT (Masking Tape)

A pioneer in the washi tape movement, MT offers an array of colors and designs, suitable for every creative need.

2. Aimez le Style

Known for its whimsical and thematic designs, this brand captures the imagination of children and adults alike.

3. Round Top

Their collection ranges from vintage to contemporary, making it a favorite among artists.

4. Classiky

A blend of traditional Japanese designs with modern motifs, perfect for those who appreciate understated beauty.

5. BGM

Renowned for their season-themed collections, BGM tapes transport users to spring cherry blossoms or autumn leaves.

6. Bande

Introducing a unique concept, Bande's tapes can be peeled off piece by piece, resembling stamp-like designs.

7. Mind Wave

Popular among the younger crowd, its tapes come adorned with cute characters and themes.

8. Kitta

Offering convenience, Kitta tapes are precut, making them perfect for on-the-go crafting or marking.

9. Maste

Their collaboration with popular artists brings exclusive and standout designs.

10. Pine Book

Specializing in minimalistic and elegant designs, Pine Book is a choice for the sophisticated user.


The world of Japanese paper tapes offers endless opportunities for creativity, organization, and artistry. From the classroom to the craft room, these brands ensure that every piece of tape adds a touch of beauty and purpose.